Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beneath Beautiful

"Beneath Beautiful"

The hard beauty of a perfect mistake
hums a slow lullaby
in the back of a
negligent mind.
Getting it to stop takes more than
shallow acceptance.

History, we've been told, has a way of repeating
itself...crashing back
down to destroy the already
devastated structures, compromising
everything until it becomes nothing, and
Nothing becomes our claimed history.

Aberrantly, this song of the past
reflects a distorted version meant to
engineer mistrust and fear.

Under rubble, though, there is always
new growth - tender green shoots
conscious only of the sun and their
orders:  to stretch upward,
venture outward until
every bud has the chance to be
relevant, simply because it wouldn't
die, refusing to stay in shadow...

pulsing, mouth to the sky, inhaling and
exhaling the freedom of letting go.
Reflexes trigger more slowly as we
find that we are capable of
enormous leaps of faith that
counter all of the lies we have told ourselves--
this is how we know it is love.

Poetic form:  Acrostic - using The Poet's Garrett list of poetry forms as a starting point for experimentation...trying to write in all the forms.  I've done this before, but I used the Poets.org list, which is much shorter.

Artist credit:  PJ Morley

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  1. Very nice and writing in all the forms sounds like a substantial challenge.

    1. I have to give myself challenges to keep the writing fresh. I tend to work well under a deadline and with an assignment. Otherwise...I'm aimless...and late.

  2. This is a beautiful piece of prose.


  3. I love this. As a puzzle book worker I had to read down first. I did not know there were styles like this in poetry and I love poetry and writing it, guess I need to go to this site and check it out.

  4. Thank you all! Your support bolsters me and encourages me to write!