Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Adventures in Blogging

1.  Do you write/manage another blog?

Yes...yes, I do...I have one for work and one for my personal life (vanilla style...yah know - for friends and family).  I don't spend near as much time on either of them as I do on this one.  And my vanilla blog is pretty much on the rocks because of the time I spend here.  I also have a new side project blog (Dear Sir) which is a series of erotic letters and vintage photos and art.  Seriously, this whole blogging thing - it's become my TV replacement.  I should read more - get outside - get a life.  But, who am I kidding - blogging is way cheaper than therapy - and I'm not about to pay a stranger to listen to me talk about this stuff when you'll read it for free...and comment back with something more helpful than "that's interesting" or "and how does that make you feel?"

2.  Pick 3 random blogs from your blog roll and tell us why they are there.

Absinthe Passion
I find this couple's relationship dynamics intriguing.  They are very honest and humble and forthright about their experiences and share them in an engaging and informative way.  I've always been interested in fully bi couples and how they manage to make that work in a 3 or 4 way relationship.  It's good to see someone has the balls to be candid about it.

I just added this one because I saw it mentioned/reviewed on someone else's blog (I can't remember whose it was now...).  This blogger said that they never failed to find amusement in this gal's posts - even when they were short.  I'm nothing if not good at taking suggestions to heart, so I followed up on it.  So far I am, indeed, enjoying it.

The Erotic Writer
This one has been around since the beginning of my blogging days.  Not only have these writers been an inspiration to me, but they were one of the first to request permission to link to my site (warm fuzzies).  I like the site because of the variety it offers.  Having 4 different voices with differing styles, subjects, and interpretations makes for some interesting reading.

3. Look around your blog and tell us about 2 links or pages you'd like us to visit.

Well, I'm assuming this is supposed to be in reference to our own content...so I'd say check out my Original Stories and Original Poetry.

4.  What's your current obsession?

Hmmm....depends on what aspect of my life you're examining.  I'm an obsessive person (really...they don't have an acronym for all my neurosis), so I don't tend to stick with only one.  My ADD encourages me to obsess about lots of things but never for long or singularly.  I suppose I'm currently obsessed with helping Mr. LL find a suitable discreet daytime "collar"for me.  He's taken quite a shine to his new role and we are both beginning to find our way in this whole D/s dynamic.  It isn't much of a power shift...we were already pretty traditional in our roles and expectations...but, all the fun stuff that comes with it - the games, the responsibilities, the fact that no one else knows what is going on - is quite intoxicating. In fact, Mr. LL and I have both learned that spanking me (maybe it's the punishment aspect) really turns him on - gets hard every time his hand leaves a print on my ass.  Of course...neither one of us are into pain, so these "spankings" are really more about the solidification of the roles/power.  So, in a very round-about way, this is my current obsessive focus (in the area of my personal life).  I have others, but they are mundane and work-related, so I won't be talking about them here.

Bonus:  Has blogging helped or hurt your sex life?

Well...considering that when I started this site, Mr. LL were pretty new at "swinging" and had only just had a few experiences, this blog has been an outlet and an inspiration to try new things.  Since I'm always considering what to write about, I have sex on the brain most of the time - even if it is just as a writing topic.  Plus, it has encouraged me to start a separate, more personal blog (Dear Sir) where I can explore that dynamic of my sex life, rather than trying to entertain or inform.  It's much more experimental and is intended to help me express what I cannot say in life.  I have a hard time getting my thoughts out until I mull them over, throw them on the page, and then process/revise them until I get them right.  Blogging lets me do that.  The bonus is, it also entails a bit of human interaction.  A way to connect with others who have similar interests or can teach me something, too.  That has also helped my sex life.  Partially through the process of blogging, I have explored my sexual questions, interests, and experiments.  If I hadn't been writing about it, who knows if I'd be the sexual entity that I am today.

This has been a TMI Tuesday post.  Visit the site to find out who else is sharing too much information.

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