Saturday, March 10, 2012


There are bodies colliding everywhere,
undulating to the room's vibration:
music, conversation, laughter,
and passing traffic.

It is dark and night
and the liquor flows freely
between deviant lips in shades
of red and coral and pink.

Sugared lust drips down chins
between breasts;
hands push up skirts,
down pants,
between bras and skin.

And the men at the end of the bar
are confused by the scene...

Women caressing each other,
men rotating partners,
a jumble of sexual energy
going in no particular direction
finds welcome between the thighs
of each willing participant.

When it is time,
numbers are exchanged,
initial partners are selected,
and the group pays up.

There is another place,
a car-ride away,
where kisses and fondling
and hard-core flirtation
will become more:
naked, writhing bodies
tied up in sensual knots
touching each other,
watching and listening to each other,
pleasuring, sucking,
tasting, sharing our most
important possessions -
our cunts and our dicks
our breasts, our tongues,
our husbands and wives.

The men and women we came with
might not be the ones we cum with...
or the ones who will take us home
in the morning...

A perfect picture of trust and autonomy in love.

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