I considered not going to yoga tomorrow. Mainly because it's a long weekend, and my son and I have been spending most of it at a local music festival. Getting up to go to yoga early after a late night out doesn't sound all that appealing. But...I know that afterward, I will be glad I went.

And...I think it has quite a lot to do with my changing state of mind.

I'm not a naturally calm person. I stress easily, become irritable, focus on the negative. Basically, I'm Eeyore, but in the form of a woman. A regular yoga practice reminds me to breathe, relax, and just let life wash over best as I can, anyway.

Believe me, I catch myself constantly NOT applying the principles of mindfulness. But, I try.

And it's helping. It's helping me to focus on what matters and to stay positive.


I'll be going to yoga tomorrow.

Besides...the yoga instructor is adorable. Bonus.