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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

On Holiday

They say that music calms the savage beast. For not only calms the beast inside, it can pretty much create any mood I'm looking for. If I'm in a bad mood...there's an album for that. Good mood? There's an album for that. Feelin' randy? Yep...there's an album for that, too.

Take for example, last night (bear with me as I lead you down the rabbit hole...):

So, I went on the first real, one-on-one, date I've gone on since I started dating my husband, more than 10 years ago.

Yes. I'm still married.

No. The date was not with my husband, nor was he there, though I had his blessing, and he knew exactly what I was up to.

And yes, it felt sort of weird, since I've never done it before.

I was nervous as hell. Here I was, going out with someone else's my small town. And our significant others were at home with our respective progeny, holding down the fort while we walked on the pier, went to dinner, and just generally got to know each other.

He kissed me on the pier. Right after I'd walked past a co-worker (not a close one...but still). And I wanted more, but...well - not out in daylight for the world to see, I'm too central a figure in my community. To the point that people I don't even know recognize me. And you know how rumors fly...

Anyhow, we headed to dinner, found a back corner booth where we could easily do a bit of touching and gettin' familiar, which of course we did, amidst all of our normal "first date" know...talking about the spouses and kids and such.
After dinner, we simply sat, enjoying the ambiance, at which point, my senses focused in. Since taste was on hold, as dinner was over, and my glass of wine was was all about sight (a few deep gazes held just long enough to make my thighs a bit melty and my breath a bit heavier), smell (the true test of chemistry is just that...the scent of another person's body), touch (his hands softly wandering across every part of exposed skin...seriously, had he grabbed hold of my hair at the base of my neck, I'd have probably been undone, making a mess of the booth seat beneath me), and sound.

And that's where we are, correct? Music. Because this is when it suddenly started to make it's way into my ears. When he told he to close my eyes and just feel his hands on my skin, my senses honed in on the music. Billie Holiday. And as her voice infiltrated my brain, it merged with the sensations of being touched by someone new. My skin tingled, my nerves started to dissipate. And he asked me, if I could do what wanted, what would it be? Honestly? I told him: to be laid out naked on let him just touch me everywhere. 

Because I'm sucker for being touched, caressed, kissed, massaged...just generally adored by a man's roving hands.

We left, Holiday's refrains still deeply entrenched in my ears, titillating the hum in my brain that travels and connects to every erogenous zone in my body. I was primed and ready, but I'd been given the one sex. 

Instead, we drove toward the sunset, the sky stained a glowing orange, and then back toward town, as he fingered me to climax beside him. I placed my hand on his growing erection, spread my legs, and let him begin to explore how my body would respond to his touch. 

I came, quickly and intensely...a clitoral orgasm only, as the sitting angle just didn't offer the sort of access necessary for him to penetrate me in the right way to cause the internal, contracting sort of orgasm that leads me to make wet messes on carseats (or whatever surface I'm near). It was, however, enough for me to know I'm interested in taking it further.

When I got in my car and drove home...I put in a little Billie Holiday to get me home. 

And I touched myself.


(Pretty sure this was the song that played in the restaurant...but...things weren't completely in I could be wrong. Regardless. It's Billie Holiday. And it's sexy.)


  1. Sounds like this was a very sexy date, and I am curious to know if you had more...

    Rebel xox

  2. This all sounds so utterly delicious. I look forward to reading more about this new chapter in your life. How exciting


  3. That first step into the open poly world is always a big one. Sounds like a good step.